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Working for your freedom to live!

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Save Time & Money

Our Virtual Broker Administrative Assistants help Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals save time by handling administrative and marketing tasks.

Achieve Business Goals

EAG’s Broker Assistant’s dynamic technical and creative presence offers countless ways to help you achieve your business goals.

Enhance Efficiency

EAG VBA’s can effectively manage general and complex administrative tasks quickly with little to no direction to enhance efficiency.

“Working for your freedom to live!”

(EAG) Executive Assistance Group LLC has been created to help small to medium-sized businesses find a low-cost alternative to increase general productivity and generate additional revenue. EAG also assists independent business owners to create individual freedoms with the confidence they are not sacrificing efficiency or their bottom line.
Imagine being able to take more time away from your current responsibilities to pursue your personal passions or simply use that time to further grow and develop your business. EAG services offer a simple, cost-effective and reliable solution to all your business needs. Proficient, uniquely skilled and dependable EAG virtual administrative assistants provide you with the opportunity to increase the overall volume of your business while saving you time and the additional overhead cost of maintaining onsite staffing.
  • Home "After 3 VA's I have found a team who truly does care about my business as much as I do. EAG allows me to focus on spending my valuable time in front of clients instead of being tied up with busywork. From the time I get the application to the day I close the loan they are there for me and my clients. If you have thought about hiring a VA but had concerns about the outcome, look no further, you have found the team that will elevate your business." Anne McLeod - The Mortgage Depot