The competitive nature of your business demands that every lead or potential client be valued with the same regard as a long standing client. Highly skilled EAG scheduling assistants are dedicated to the urgent responsiveness necessary to engage each lead or potential client before they seek other providers. Diligent from the initial inquiry through the appointment booking, you will receive timely text and email notification of all confirmations and cancelations.

Your EAG assistant will also be trained in a number of proven sales techniques, in addition to providing a number of administrative tasks, such as managing your advertisements and client data base organization for promotional email opportunities. Furthermore, in order for you to truly understand the analytics of your business, at the end of each business week, you will receive a report detailing many of these items.

We work with you one-on-one to insure that your EAG assistant will respond in a manner consistent with your own; thus, the subsequent transition is seamless to your clients. We are available for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with a number of different package options so you can always be available to meet the demands of your clients.

Rest assured, your EAG assistant will handle the sensitive personal and financial information of your clients with complete professionalism and confidentiality. Additionally, as a company, we are also vehemently committed to protecting your private information not only because it’s legally required, but because it’s our promise to you.

Our dedication to serving your customers the way you want them treated enables your organization to thrive even in the most competitive environments.  So let EAG communicate with your clients on your behalf and schedule your appointment so you can focus your energy on being the best at what you do!
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